Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Gain greater visibility of your organizations's software needs.

Reduce software costs, improve compliance and streamline software requests with ServiceNow Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the software lifecycle steps of applications within an organization. Integrhythm can partner with your organization to quickly deliver value through our predefined ServiceNow Software Asset Management projects.

Our services include Software Purchase Tracking, Software Catalog, Usage Tracking, Optimization and Alerts, and Software Audits and Contracts. Our predefined projects enable our clients to significantly reduce costs, eliminate risk through improved compliance, and streamline employee software requests.

our services

  • Software Purchase Tracking

    This project assists clients develop a formalized process to track software purchases, formalize software re-ordering, gather licensing information for upcoming audits, and retain licensing information required for SOX compliance.

  • Software Catalog

    Software Catalog was designed to simplify the software request process, create an audit trail for software installations and approvals, and improve the response time for software installations to the end users through streamlined approval workflows.

  • Usage Tracking

    This predefined project is designed to assist in determining whether the software deployed in the client environment is being used and identifying if licenses under maintenance can be reduced.

  • Optimization and Alerts

    Optimization and Alerts assist clients in managing software license maintenance information, improving reporting on projected spend for maintenance of existing software, identifying and removing unused software, and providing reporting on cost savings due to Software Asset Management.

  • Software Audits and Contracts

    Software Audits and Contracts helps in understand your opportunities in your software contracts, understanding the implications of proposed licensing changes, representing your company to the software vendor, and negotiating the terms and pricing for your company.