For several years, customer relationship management(CRM) and other support systems have adequately provided the technological support businesses required to deliver fairly competent customer service. However, brutal competition and consistent digital disruption in the past few years in the business world have catapulted customer expectations globally. As a result, traditional support tools can no longer accommodate to customer expectations. CRM systems stop at customer engagement and their scope does not extend to dealing with the root causes of customer issues.

ServiceNow® Customer Service Management(CSM) is an omni-channel customer service solution that extends beyond customer support. With focus on fixing root causes of customer issues, ServiceNow® CSM connects people, systems and processes to design, optimize and deliver a great service experience. By leveraging ServiceNow® CSM, Integrhythm helps enterprises transition to a more rewarding customer support system.

Integrhythm’s approach to CSM implementations starts with conducting workshops with customer support teams to identify existing service processes and define client objectives. We then help clients modernize their customer service efforts through ongoing incremental tangible value realization to reduced call volumes and increased customer satisfaction.

Fix Root Causes of Issues


  • Find and resolve root causes of customer issues through real-time collaboration with other teams
  • Deliver permanent solutions to customer issues through integrated field service, collaboration and process improvements
Elevate Engagement


  • Leverage omni-channel engagement to interact with customers in the channel they prefer
  • Empower customers with self-service through knowledge-integrated portals, and increased visibility of the case resolution process
  • Create rules to intelligently route cases based on skill, geographical location, availability and priority
Enhance Service Experience


  • Improve service quality and customer loyalty through reduced call volumes
  • Anticipate trends and drive pro-active actions with dashboards and real-time analytics
  • Drive continuous service improvements through customer feedback and surveys