ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Make Employee Experience Your Competitive Advantage.

Delight employees with employee service center and provide insights to drive Efficient, Agile, Secure Experiences

We help you enhance HR efficiency, making it easy for employees to access services across the enterprise. Get the power of EASE™ to consumerize the employee experience and service more employees using less HR resources, in the future.

With the power of Digital Technologies, we increase information agility and lowering of costs, by consolidating legacy tools into a modern, easy-to-use service management solution, in the cloud. Increase employee engagement, create transparency, increase HR efficiency, reduce risk -
Efficient, Agile, Secure Experiences.

The rhythm of work is the future.


    Leverage ServiceNow's single system of engagement to make HR "easier to do business with"


    Self-service to make information readily available for employees, and accessible on mobile


    Automate repetitive tasks with ServiceNow and empower HR to be strategic rather than task-driven


    Enable structured, repeatable processes, to minimize potential risk of human error

HR Service Delivery

  • Case and Knowledge

    Case and Knowledge Management makes it easier for employees to access HR services by streamlining the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee requests.

  • Employee
    Service Center

    ServiceNow Employee Service Center provides an employee-friendly, client-branded portal for employees to find relevant HR information, and submit and track cases at one place.

  • Employee Onboarding
    and Transitions

    ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions helps HR teams to easily set up and manage employee lifecycle events across multiple departments on a single platform.

Unified System of Engagement

Organizations often use multiple tools for various HR services, leaving employees without a single interface. IntegRhythm helps our clients leverage ServiceNow to seamlessly integrate with various HR tools, HCM platforms, and organizations' internal legacy tools to provide employees with a unified system of engagement.


High-touch where it matters

By eliminating repetitive, administrative tasks through Knowledge, Self-Service and Automation, IntegRhythm and ServiceNow enable HR teams to deliver personal 'high-touch' service experience on exceptional cases where it really matters. Gartner estimates:

  • tiers of HR service delivery
  • Tier 0: Self Service
    40 to 70% - Knowledgebase, Portal or Self-Service

    Tier 1: General Support
    20 to 40% - Contact HRSS via Case Management, Phone, Chat or Email

    Tier 2: HR Specialist
    5 to 10% - Complex inquiries escalated to SMEs

    Tier 3: Exceptions
    <5% - Most concerning inquiries escalated to COE Leads

Delivery Methodology

The quality and approach to ServiceNow implementations often determines the value organizations realize. Our proprietary implementation methodology, Efficient, Agile, Secured and Experience Driven (EASE) is designed to quickly introduce ServiceNow into the organization with a targeted focus. EASE is focused on structure and execution of an end-to-end ServiceNow Customization and Implementation program over a number of iterations, each spanning no more than 2-4 weeks, and designed to deliver tangible business value.


  • Iowa DOT accelerates HR Onboarding with ServiceNow and IntegRhythm
  • Iowa DOT accelerates HR Onboarding with ServiceNow and IntegRhythm

    Learn how IntegRhythm helped the Iowa Department of transportation to leverage ServiceNow to accelerate Onboarding and cut down Onboarding time per hire from 4-6 hours to under 30 minutes.

    download case study

Tiers of Service

IntegRhythm's tiers of service are designed to offer simple and innovative solutions to our customers that help realise value faster with high margins; and are easy to scale & sustain. By leveraging EASE, IntegRhythm helps customers take advantage of Essentials to start using ServiceNow out-of-the-box within 1 week. Clients needing minor customizations can leverage Targeted, while clients with much more complex requirements and environments can use Advanced to map business objectives with ServiceNow.

  • Essentials

    Essentials provides clients with a pure ServiceNow out-of-the-box experience with zero configuration. Clients are immediately enabled to leverage the modernization and automation powered by the Now platform. Essentials enables the client to start using the platform within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Targeted

    Targeted is designed for clients with a few requirements for automation beyond ServiceNow out-of-the-box. IntegRhythm’s structured approach to ServiceNow configuration targeted to specific client needs enables clients to GoLive in 4 weeks.

  • Advanced

    Clients with large, complex processes and environments can leverage IntegRhythm’s process knowledge and extensive experience to extend the platform by customizing ServiceNow to client processes, and through integration across ServiceNow and client applications.

why servicenow HR

Tim Wells IntegRhythm Tim Wells VP Service Strategy and Sales

We recognise that each industry has its own dynamics that drive a modern employee and HR experience – organizations with retail or plant presence require significantly different engagement from organizations with larger corporate presence like banking and hi-tech.

As a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner, IntegRhythm has proven experience working with large, complex, Fortune 100 ServiceNow HR clients. Our specifically tailored implementation services enable clients to drive employee productivity, lower operating costs, and improve HR team performance through ServiceNow's consistent system of engagement.