WarningDesigned to assist with:

  • Managing your software license maintenance information
  • Reporting on projected spend for maintenance of existing software
  • Identification and removal of unused software
  • Providing reporting on cost savings due to Software Asset Management


  • Alerts for software expiring at 30, 60 and 90 days out
  • Calendar report detail when software licenses / maintenance will expire
  • Monthly report of upcoming software expirations
  • Reduced software footprint
  • Lowered licensing costs
  • Reduction in maintenance renewal costs

Integrhythm Services

  • Notifications for software contract dates
  • Set up maintenance alerts
  • Training on entering and maintaining information
  • Calendar report of expiring maintenance
  • Report by month/year of expiring maintenance
  • Process for identifying and removing unused software
  • Customization capabilities for certain software/users
  • Reporting on removed software and cost savings