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our services

  • Software Asset Management (SAM)

    Software Asset Management (SAM) involves managing and optimizing the software lifecycle steps of applications within an organization. IntegRhythm can help your organization leverage ServiceNow IT Asset Management through some of our pre-defined projects for quickly get value out of Software Purchase Tracking, Software Catalog, Usage Tracking, Optimization & Alerts, and Software Audits & Contracts.

  • Enterprise Hardware Asset Management

    Enterprise Hardware Asset Management is a business practice that entails managing the physical components of computers and computer networks that typically exist in a data center from cradle to grave through their lifecycle. Integrythm can partner with your company to quickly get value out of IT Asset Management with pre-defined projects for Data Center Hardware Setup, Inventory Scanning, Server Lifecycle Financial Maintenance, Purchase Order Review & Import, and Receiving & Purchase Reconciliation.

  • End User Hardware Asset Management

    End User Hardware Asset Management involves managing physical components of end user computers and computer networks from cradle to grave through their lifecycle. Integrythm can assist your organization with our pre-defined projects for End User Hardware, Reconciliation, Workstation Lifecycle Planning, Active Inventory, and End User Catalog Setup & Maintenance.

  • Cross Platform Asset Management

    Cross Platform Asset Management involves Asset Management practices that cut across multiple disciplines, such as Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Configuration Management. IntegRhythm's pre-defined projects for Cross Platform Asset Management include Asset Management Policy, Vendor File Integration, Discovery Tool Strategy, Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync, New Hire Setup, and Capability Planning.