Overview of Services

We utilize our proprietary delivery methodology ‘Process Area Specific Sprints’ (PASS) in all engagements, unless the client prefers we use their delivery/development methodology. PASS has been honed over numerous implementations and is ideal for client’s rolling out new ServiceNow functionality. It is designed to quickly deliver a tangible return on investment by evaluating business objectives and breaking requirements down in to logical Process Areas.  We guide clients, step by step, through the engagement offering insight and advice along the way. This approach increases the rate of success by minimizing the risks commonly associated with transforming organizational processes.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business process consulting
  • Requirements gathering
  • Development and configuration of ServiceNow® platform
  • Implementation to Production environment
  • Transition and training for the client’s HR support team.

We offer 2 implementation solutions:

1. Employee Onboarding or Case Management ‘JumpStart’

Our ‘JumpStart’ consists of 2 phases:

I.  Phase 1: ServiceNow Core Setup

During this phase an introductory workshop is held with Key Stakeholders to gain an understanding of the client’s technical processes in regards to ServiceNow and their onboarding processes. Necessary technical requirements are also gathered during the workshop. This phase includes the activation of the HR Plugin in ServiceNow, the disabling of any unused components identified in the workshop, and the verification of role based separation of HR and IT, building a basic framework for forms, creating a separate HR knowledge base, and setting up email/fax mailboxes in ServiceNow.

II. Phase 2: Process Area Specific Sprint 1 (PASS 1):

PASS consists of structured interactive requirements gathering workshops with various HR teams. Each workshop has a demonstration of the relevant functionality and is followed by discussion on how best to implement it.  Configuration of the tool along with unit testing in the development environment is then performed offsite. Once complete, multiple UAT sessions are setup to give the HR users hands on experience with the tool and validate that the end product matches their business expectation.

2. Custom Statement of Work (SOW)

Custom built SOW’s are ideal for clients that have a very specific set of HR features they would like to have implemented into ServiceNow. Custom SOWs can also be used for building additional functionality on top of an Employee Onboarding or Case Management ‘JumpStart’.