Talent attraction and high turnover rates cost organizations millions of dollars each year, and employee satisfaction lies at the center of the issue. We believe that retention starts with the onboarding experience. Onboarding is oftentimes a new employee’s first impression of the organization’s culture and competency. It can lead a new hire to feel confident and excited about their new career. Or, alternatively, it can leave them feeling stressed out, frustrated, and worried about their career move. Unfortunately, the latter is the case for many new hires who experience these unnecessary delays.

To ensure new employee satisfaction, Integrhythm’s onboarding implementation services are designed to enhance their first few weeks on the job. Whether it be getting their company email, gaining access to necessary trainings and portals, receiving security clearance to the proper buildings, or even just providing them with a workspace, our implementation of ServiceNow’s Onboarding solution helps to make new hires productive on Day One.

Integrhythm partners with organizations to implement an enjoyable, positive onboarding experience. We understand how to successfully integrate a new hire into the organization, as well as the workflows needed to make it possible. Transforming onboarding processes is a great way to create a simple and automated solution that benefits both HR and the new hire. We help clients identify onboarding bottlenecks to streamline their onboarding, generating more efficiency as well as reducing cost by leveraging our expertise and the power of ServiceNow’s platform.

Through our experiences, we’ve identified 4 key factors to creating a successful and enjoyable onboarding experience:

  1. Ensure new hires have access to all key tools they may need on day one

Each predefined task, whether it be security badges, technology deployment, active directory setup, etc. is assigned a workflow detailing necessary approval processes and assignment groups to ensure the task is completed and delivered on time for the new hire’s first day.

  1. Offer an intuitive and user friendly self-service portal

Everyone has questions when they start a new role. A personal portal with answers to common questions, company policies, training, and other helpful links is a great way for new employees to get acquainted with the organization.

  1. Assign new hires a “Buddy” to answer additional questions and show them the ropes

A social bond between employees is a great way to make new hires feel welcome. By offering employees social collaboration tools and contact channels with their Buddy, HR, and their hiring manger, they can integrate into the team seamlessly.

  1. Provide HR an easy-to-use dashboard to track onboarding processes

Reports offer a user friendly way for HR agents to spot process bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency. ServiceNow offers a wide variety of process metrics such as donut charts, bar graphs, calendar views, expiring tasks, new requests, etc.