In today’s business environment, organizations are increasingly concerned with compliance and ways to reduce audit risks. Many organizations are stuck on an outdated approach to compliance that requires intensive manual work and hours of extensive preparation across multiple teams for audits and internal reviews. Integrhythm’s approach to GRC implementations goes far beyond flipping a switch and importing some controls. By leveraging ServiceNow® GRC, Integrhythm helps clients modernize their compliance efforts through continuous compliance monitoring of basic controls; reducing time and effort spent on audits and internal reviews. We first conduct workshops with GRC teams to identify their current approach and define the organizations overarching, enterprise level GRC objectives. We then strive to provide tangible value for our clients by helping them:

  • Establishment and/or refine of governance framework
  • Map requirements into focus including Audit, Controls, Compliance, Risk Management, Business Continuity Plans, and Security Operations
  • Monitor remediation, follow up, and determine effectiveness of controls
  • Develop dashboards and compliance reporting
  • Streamline compliance to regulations like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc. and close audit findings through IT GRC
  • Perform operational risk assessments to provide visibility into high-risk areas
  • Define Segregation of Duties (SOD) to remediate risk and prevent potential fraud or error
  • Integrate UCF Authority Documents into ServiceNow® GRC by filtering content and importing necessary data for authoritative source content and controls