ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Enterprise Hardware Asset Management

Gain greater visibility into Enterprise Hardware spending.

Leverage Integrhythm's predefined projects for Enterprise Hardware Asset Management to quickly minimize risk of human error and ensure compliance.

Enterprise Hardware Asset Management is a business practice that entails managing the physical components of computers and computer networks that typically exist in a data center from cradle to grave through their lifecycle.

Integrhythm's Hardware Asset management services include Data Center Hardware Setup, Inventory Scanning, Server Lifecycle Financial Maintenance, Purchase Order Review and Import, and Receiving and Purchase Reconciliation. We provide these services through predefined projects that enable our clients to leverage the ServiceNow platform and quickly derive value from their IT asset management, fast.

our services

  • Data Center Hardware Setup

    Through our Data Center Hardware setup, we assist our clients to easily understand how much inventory is currently in their data centers, create a formalized approach to tracking your enterprise assets, and set up a process to track your virtual servers.

  • Inventory Scanning

    Inventory Scanning allows our clients to implement a scanning solution for their data centers, minimize human errors when creating assets, increase the speed of auditing data centers, and increase the accuracy of tracking deployments to data centers.

  • Purchase Order Review and Import

    Purchase Order Review and Import enables clients to quickly track IT purchases in ServiceNow, link purchase orders to the appropriate assets, and create assets based on their purchase orders.

  • Server Lifecycle Financial Maintenance

    Server Lifecycle Financial Maintenance is designed to create a process for managing client hardware lifecycle, planning budgets for updating your enterprise hardware, and performing an impact analysis of planned model retirements.

  • Receiving and Purchase Reconciliation

    Receiving and Purchase Reconciliation enables clients in implementing a data center receiving solution in ServiceNow, identification of enterprise assets missing from received orders, and creating reporting on late or incomplete purchases.