Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Harness the power of the Enterprise Cloud.

Leverage the Enterprise Cloud to maximize your IT resources via automation and efficient workflows.

Cloud Computing has ushered an array of tools, vendors and services. Integrhythm's focus is on identifying, integrating and enabling the enterprise cloud solutions that are best suited to our client's preferences and needs.

To leverage the true value of agile development and private cloud environments, we offer a full range of services including Private Cloud Orchestration, Private Cloud Management and Dev Ops automation, to maintain the integrity of enterprise-wide applications.

our services

  • Private Cloud Orchestration

    To help our clients maximize the value of cloud solutions for their organization, we help with the creation of workflows to integrate IT resources with automated processes. Our services include defining VM requirements with architecture validation with policy implemented through workflows & approvals in ServiceNow, and orchestrating & provisioning across server, network and storage leveraging VMware and Puppet products.

  • Private Cloud Management

    We help clients continue to manage and maximize the value of Private Cloud through a variety of program management solutions including Virtualization of Servers (P2V), Deployment of orchestration solutions, Benefits analysis, financial analysis and contract management for private and public cloud selections, Migration analysis for rationalization, deployment mapping, prioritization and defining a migration roadmap.

  • Dev Ops Automation

    Our specific set of Dev Ops Automation service offerings includes Governance model including organization, process, and funding/charge-back Model, defining various environments from development to production, 'Provisioning' for new projects, Environment refresh cycle, aligning environments to the Code promotion process, deployment automation and change governance integration.