ServiceNow IT Asset Management

End User Hardware Asset Management

Gain visibility into your organization's End User assets.

Minimize costs of underutilized assets with Integrhythm's predefined End User Hardware Asset Management projects.

End User Hardware Asset Management is a business practice that entails managing the physical components of end user computers and computer networks from cradle to grave through their lifecycle.

Our End User Hardware Asset Management services include End User Hardware, Reconciliation, Workstation Lifecycle Planning, Active Inventory, and End User Catalog Setup and Maintenance. We partner with our clients to provide these services through our predefined projects to assist in quickly deriving value from their IT asset management.

our services

  • End User Hardware

    End User Hardware is a predefined project designed to assist our clients in understanding how many end user assets are in their environment, and in tracking where those assets are located.

  • Reconciliation

    Reconciliation is designed to implement a receiving solution for end user assets in ServiceNow, identify end user assets missing from received orders, and creating reporting on late or incomplete purchases.

  • Workstation Lifecycle Planning

    This project enables clients in creating a process for managing end user hardware lifecycle, planning budgets for updating end user hardware, and performing an impact analysis of planned model retirements.

  • Active Inventory

    Active Inventory assists in understanding the health of the end users assets in their environment, setting up a process for notification when clients are no longer responding, and providing a list of active clients for actions by other teams .

  • End User Catalog Setup and Maintenance

    End User Catalog Setup and Maintenance is designed to help our clients in streamlining your end user hardware build process, and ensuring the appropriate approvals are met before deploying hardware.