ServiceNow IT Asset Management

End User Hardware

Gain visibility into End User Assets.

Leverage our predefined project to drive cost savings in underutilized assets

End User Hardware is one of Integrhythm's pre-defined projects in IT asset management designed to deliver value, fast. We assist our clients in gaining visibility into their End User Assets, understand how many assets are in their environment, and in tracking in ServiceNow where those assets are located. By streamlining end user asset monitoring, clients can reduce softwre footprint, enhance compliance to software licenses, and get savings in laptop/desktop costs due to underutilized hardware.

our services

  • Defining assets within ServiceNow, setup model categories, end user hardware models and assets, and providing process documents describing how to set up categories, models and assets.

  • Defining data loads with templates, and load initial data.

  • Workshops to train users (ITAM & Deployment teams) on ServiceNow for EUC Assets and Configuration.