ServiceNow IT Asset Management

End User Catalog Setup and Maintenance

Streamline approvals for End User Hardware deployment.

Leverage End User Catalog to simplify new workstation requests

End User Catalog Setup and Maintenance was designed to assist our clients in simplifying end user hardware build process, streamlining the approval process, and ensuring that the appropriate approvals are met before deploying new hardware. As an Integrhythm predefined project, End User Catalog and Maintenance is designed to ensure quick delivery of value to our clients. The project provides clients the ability to order new workstations through the catalog, pre-load new workstations with required software, and enforce approval workflows for all software installations.

our services

  • Reviewing the current end user build process.

  • Creating the catalog request process for the end user hardware, and end user software.

  • Creating processes for keeping the available catalog information up to date.

  • Create approval flows for the software and hardware requests.

  • Create serialized workflows to allow for the software to be assigned to the appropriate hardware.