ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Data Center Hardware Setup

Effectively monitor inventory in your Data Centers.

Achieve cost savings by identifying unused shut down servers still in Data Centers

Data Center Hardware Setup is a pre-defined project we build to assist our clients in understanding how much inventory is currently in their data centers, create a streamlined approach to tracking their enterprise assets, and set up a process to track their virtual servers. The project is designed to quickly deliver value and enable our clients to determine to track their inventory in ServiceNow, understand their data center foot print, planning capability for data center refreshes, discover cost savings through unused servers that are shut down but still in data center, leverage updated physical inventory and location schema, and create a rack by rack inventory review of data center.

our services

  • Creating a process document for how to set up categories and models.

  • Defining data loads, providing templates, and loading initial data.

  • Conducting Workshops with ITAM & data center to train users on ServiceNow.

  • Setting up model categories, hardware models and assets.

  • Simplified report of active assets grouped by location.