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Cross Platform Asset Management

Easily manage inter-dependent Asset management processes.

Modernize your Customer Service with automation and omni-channel engagement

Cross Platform Asset Management involves IT Asset Management practices that cross multiple disciplines, such as Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Configuration Management.

We offer various services for Cross Platform Asset Management including Asset Management Policy, Vendor File Integration, Discovery Tool Strategy, Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync, and New Hire Setup. We render our services through our predefined projects to enable our clients to quickly get value out of their ITAM.

our services

  • Asset Management Policy

    This project was designed to help clients in defining the roles and responsibilities of the groups involved with Asset Management, developing a cohesive IT Asset Management policy, and communicating the goals and objectives for ITAM to their organization.

  • Vendor File Integration

    Vendor File Integration is designed to assist clients in capturing all asset information directly from the vendor, creating the assets through an automated process, simplifying the receiving process, and identifying missing equipment from the vendor.

  • Discovery Tool Strategy

    Discovery Tool Strategy helps clients integrate discovery tools with ServiceNow, automate the creation of assets and configuration items, and identify their software installations.

  • Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync

    Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync is a predefined project we built to help clients ensure that the information between their Assets and CIs remain in sync at all times.

  • New Hire Setup

    New Hire Setup is a project that assists clients to streamline their new hire set up process, create a single request initiation point, and ensure accountability around fulfillment teams.