ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync

Compare and reconcile information with CIs.

Automatically sync information between your assets and Configuration Items

Configuration Item and Asset Data Sync is a predefined Cross Platform Asset Management project we built to help clients ensure that the information between their Assets and Configuration Items remain in sync at all times. The implementation of this project provides clients the ability to determine if items should be tracked as Assets, CIs or both, automated creation of appropriate asset or CI if required, and advanced reporting capabilities based on data linkages.

our services

  • Review current processes for creating assets and CIs.

  • Review and resolve model class information for existing assets and CIs.

  • Review assets that are linked to CIs with different serial numbers.

  • Create a process and procedure to verify serial number sync before CI and Asset relationship.

  • Complete the roll out of Asset to CI sync scripts.

  • Roll out of Asset and CI creation.