Business Alignment

Align business goals with IT investments.

Integrate IT programs with Business goals with Integrhythm's Business alignment offerings

At Integrhythm, we recognise that programs not only need to adhere to budgets and deadlines, they also need to align with overall business and organizational strategies. We strongly believe in integrating IT programs with organizational and business strategies to ensure adoption and success.

Our Business Alignment offerings leverage our team's experience in planning, developing and executing roadmaps, and transforming IT operations.

our services

  • Idea Generation

    Based on client objectives, we assist in idea generation using business value stream analysis, and business process and technology mapping.

  • Synergy analysis

    We perform Synergy analysis of multiple ongoing technology initiatives within a portfolio and business benefit mapping (short-term and long-term) to reduce redundancies.

  • Developing Road maps

    We assist in establishing capability Road maps to deliver high-value programs early. We also establish processes for tracking, reporting and analyzing ROI.

  • Cost Reduction

    We analyze cost vs benefits to assist with cost management and reduction across the portfolio.

  • CIO/CFO dashboards

    We assist with developing CIO/CFO dashboards to track actual program benefits against planned benefits.