Phonebook Icon CrossDesigned to assist with:

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of the groups involved with Asset Management
  • Developing a cohesive IT Asset Management policy
  • Communicating to your organization the goals and objectives for Asset Management


  • Determining where to begin with IT Asset Management
  • Answers to questions such as what is an asset, along with role definitions and differences between asset managers, data center managers, procurement, etc.
  • Policy requirements for SOX compliance

Integrhythm Services

  • Meet with Asset and IT leadership to understand goals and objectives
  • Review existing policy
  • Workshop with ITAM, capability owners, procurement and finance to introduce asset management policy and document structure, requirements from various teams
  • Refine Integrhythm policy templates or existing policy offline
  • An additional workshop to play back policy


  • Simple “starter” policy document
  • Workshop around 12 key defined activities for Asset Management