ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Asset Management Policy

Establish Asset Management roles and responsibilities.

Develop a consistent Asset Management Policy for end user clarity, and compliance with SOX

Asset Management policy is a predefined project that was designed to help clients in defining the roles and responsibilities of the groups involved with Asset Management, developing a conscise IT Asset Management policy, and communicating the goals and objectives for IT Asset Management to their organization. This helps stakeholders in determining where to begin with IT Asset Management, and arrive at answers to questions such as what is an asset, along with role definitions and differences between asset managers, data center managers, and procurement.

our services

  • Meet with Asset and IT leadership to understand goals and objectives, and review existing policy.

  • Workshop with ITAM, capability owners, procurement and finance to introduce asset management policy and document structure, requirements from various teams.

  • Refine Integrhythm policy templates or existing policy offline.

  • An additional workshop to play back policy.