ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Active Inventory

Effectively monitor End User Asset health.

Eliminate risk of data loss through Active monitoring of assets

Active Inventory is a predefined ServiceNow IT Asset Management project that we designed to assist our clients in monitoring the health of the end user hardware in their environment, setting up processes for notifications when the clients are no longer responding, and for providing a list of active clients for actions by other teams, such as patching. Implementation of Active Inventory typically results in a 5-10% savings reduction in device costs for our clients through unused and underused hardware. The project also enables our clients to mitigate the risk of potential data loss.

our services

  • Identifying all end user hardware.

  • Leveraging existing tools to identify inventory.

  • Understanding where they are located using LDAP and user data.

  • Identify the health of workstations using deployment tool data like Alteris, SCCM, etc. or security tool data such as Symantec anti-virus.